Jacinto Esteva

Jacinto Esteva



Jacinto Esteva (born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, December 1956) is an acclaimed Spanish film director, producer, and writer. He has directed over twenty films, with an impressive list of awards including the Goya Award for Best Spanish Film, the Feroz Award for Best Director, the Gaudi Award for Best Film, the Gaudi Award for Best Director, and the Cineuropa Award for Best Film.

Esteva is best known for his feature films, including the award-winning “Los Abrazos Rotos” (2009), “La Estación de las Mujeres” (2004), and “La Llamada” (2014). His work has been praised for its layered and nuanced depiction of Spanish life and culture, as well as its commitment to realism. Esteva has also directed several short films, including “La Pecera” (1997) and “El Camino” (1998).

Esteva was born in the city of Palma de Mallorca, where he grew up surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. He developed an interest in film in his teenage years, and soon began to explore the art form through amateur filmmaking. After some initial success, Esteva enrolled in the University of Valencia, where he studied film and television.

Esteva’s first feature film, “Los Abrazos Rotos”, was released in 2009, and won three Goya Awards, including Best Spanish Film. The film follows the story of Pedro, a former soldier who returns to his home in Spain after serving in the war. The film was praised for its honest and down-to-earth depiction of Spanish life.

In 2012, Esteva directed “La Estación de las Mujeres”, a drama about a small village in rural Spain. The film was critically acclaimed, winning the Gaudi Award for Best Film. The film follows a young woman who returns to her hometown after living abroad and discovers the struggles of the women in the village.

Esteva’s latest feature film, “La Llamada”, was released in 2014. The film follows a young woman who receives a mysterious call from the past that changes her life forever. The film was praised for its sharp direction and its compelling narrative.

Esteva has also directed several television series, including “Cuatro Estrellas” (2015

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