Three murder documentaries to watch online

7 de juliol de 2020

Inspiring, gripping, heartbreaking. From the United States to the United Kingdom to South Africa, the following documentaries that you can watch online in Guidedoc tell stories unleashed by murders that change the destiny of their characters forever.

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Opportunity Target: US Navy SEALS and the murder of Jennifer Evans


The year of 1995 in Virginia Beach you could not follow the news and not meet Jennifer Evans. Airmen everywhere offer rewards, airmen of hope, hopes that they will find her alive.

But after the girl's lifeless body was found in a forest, police attention turned to two Navy Seal recruits.

From here, a series of questions are unleashed that will strain the relationship of these two suspects until reaching a sentence that is probably not as fair as possibly at first.

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Typically, murder stories focus on two questions that often intrigue us: the who and the how. But this documentary focuses on how much deeper than the method of criticism.

Through interviews with acquaintances, friends and family, filmmaker Adeyemi Michael's documentary portrays Sodiq, a young man from Peckham, a low-income neighborhood in South London where they both grew up.

The question is how did you come to a bright, gentle and sensitive young man to end another person's life? Can you ever escape the harsh ecosystem where you grew up?

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South African youth Abdul-Azziz Kunert is confined to a juvenile correctional facility serving his sentence for murder.

After having belonged to a famous gang from the neighborhood in which he grew up in Cape Town, now in his confinement he has found an escape to life that led him to the confinement: boxing.

In this inspiring short film, Abdul recounts his frenzied years of violence and how through the sport of the ring he has found a motivation to build a better version of himself.

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