Three Eye-Opening Documentaries on the US Elections

Nov. 12, 2020

Trump, Biden, Obama, Bush… and all those who have so far held office in the White House had first to succeed in a presidential election preceded by major political campaigns. The following three documentaries that you can watch online on Guidedoc delve into the bowels of the United States political world through the stories of three diverse candidates who have tried to overcome the establishment in their quest for a seat.

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A Campaign Of Their Own


The self-proclaimed liberal socialist Bernie Sanders surprised the whole world with an unexpected comeback during the 2016 Democratic party primaries. At that time, he was facing the heir to the legacy of Obama and Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, in a decisive competition whose winner would compete with Donald Trump in a historic election.

But who were the ones that made it possible for Sanders to lead a close race against with the most powerful woman in the establishment? This documentary follows one of the Sander´s supporters during the tireless days during that historic primary that catapulted the senator from Vermont as one of the leaders of American progressivism.

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An American Candidate


One of the things that most intrigued Srikant Chellappa, an immigrant from New Delhi, India, when he arrived in the United States was that the self-described “largest democracy in the world” had only two parties to vote, the Democrats and the Republicans.

What would happen to an outsider, a common, well-intentioned person who wanted to be elected for Congress that is not inscribed in these two hegemonic political parties? This documentary, an independently made satire, as imperfect as it is genuine, is the fruit of Chellappa's efforts to show the weakness of the US political system.

Throughout the film we follow a common American running as a candidate for Congress in his city without the sponsorship of any political party.

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While I Breath I Hope


Having been elected in 2005 as the youngest African-American to hold a seat in the South Carolina House of Representatives in U.S. history, Bakari Selles takes on the challenge of running to become the first black man to serve as Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina after almost 150 years.

In this documentary, director Emily L. Harold follows this inspiring young politician through the campaign as he recalls the fight for civil rights for black people on American soil and the long road ahead to achieve equality and justice among American citizens.

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