An American Candidate

  • 7 10
  • 2008
  • 85min
An American Candidate
  • Original Title: Running Against Dick (2004)

In what could be an undiscovered recent cult film, this satirical documentary tells the story of an ordinary and unknown American citizen who decides to challenge the bipartisanship of his country and run for Congress independently.

An American Candidate

An American Candidate. An imperfect satire about an imperfect system

An ordinary Joe runs for Congress on a third-party ticket in this politically charged documentary.

Cameras capture the real-world satire as an immigrant from America's heartland hits the campaign trail, competing against career politicians with impressive résumés, including war veteran Dick Gephardt.

This insightful look at America's election process puts the spotlight on the nearly insurmountable challenges faced by third-party candidates.

Production Companies

Echelon Studios

Srikant Chellappa

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