Three documentaries to watch with your children at home

April 8, 2020

When toys and manual activities are no longer an option at home, why not watch children's documentaries online with your kids? Guidedoc offers you three short films from our catalog that your children will enjoy in your company.

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Small Instruments


This short film shows the incredible ability of Pawel to discover sounds from the objects that are around us and that we sometimes even discard, like old toys, cans, plastic containers.

Pawel and his group "Small Instruments" teach children to play music with these rescued instruments, thus generating a magical experience of recycling and artistic creation.

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Chanaika loves the brightly colored clothes she goes to buy with her mother at the local market. She also likes to go out with her best friends. But her big dream is to dance at the Rotterdam carnival, for which she prepares at the dance school she attends.

This documentary short film makes a small and funny portrait of Chanaika, who, among the occurrences and colors of her extroverted personality, also tells us the difficult times she was able to overcome after having been a victim of domestic violence.

An inspiring story full of happiness and lots of dancing.

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Louis The Ferris Wheel Kid


This short film documents the captivating life of Louis, a Dutch boy who has lived all his life in a traveling amusement park.

Amid the twists and turns of the surrounding attractions, we see Louis spend his final days in this unparalleled home, as he will soon have to move into a school residence to start his high school years.

This sweet story tells an important change in the life of a child who faces the difficult but fascinating experience of growing up.


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