The mystery of the traditional vocal music

Sept. 10, 2020

The following three documentaries available to watch online on Guidedoc delve into three fascinating types of traditional vocal music within ancient European cultures. From Estonian vocal ballads, the singing tradition of a western Russian community, and even the popular Yodelers of the Swiss mountains.

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Regilaul - Songs of the Ancient Sea



Regilaul is an old type of traditional song in Estonia that is still practiced today in the country.

This documentary directed by the filmmaker Ulrike Koch takes us through communities that live in snowy mountains and that find in these songs a way for their history to remain in the new generations.

This musical film seeks to document an old musical ritual for which the locals only need their voice as an instrument to communicate the sense of belonging to a culture.

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No Business like Show Business



This exciting documentary is the perfect movie for yodeling lovers around the world. Directed by Bernard Weber and Martin Schilt, the film follows a talented group of yodelers from the small town of Wiesenberg, in the Swiss mountains, in their challenge to cope with world fame.

A concert in Shanghai becomes the biggest event that these singers will have to face. The film investigates the small daily rituals of Wiesenberg, where its inhabitants regularly gather to sing songs using only their voices, telling stories that have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries.

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The Nation


Filmmaker Julia Mironova takes us to the small community of Udmurtia, in western Russia, to meet its picturesque inhabitants, people who struggle to keep their tradition of vocal singing alive.

For the locals, the Besermyan's song is more than a type of vocal music, it is a language in itself. It means overcoming the silence that seems to approximate with contemporary times.

In this beautiful film, we meet women who continue to emit this precious song so that the history of their people never dies.

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