Five positive outdoor documentaries to watch in Quarantine

March 24, 2020

In these days of family and quarantine to protect us from the new coronavirus Covid-19, Guidedoc has prepared for you a selection of five documentaries available to watch online on our platform.

Our aim? Give us a breath of fresh air and delve into stories of intrepid characters who go on an adventure outside the den.

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Little World


This inspiring documentary follows Albert Cassals, a Catalan teenager accustomed to riding a wheelchair since he developed leukemia as a child, who now takes on the challenge of traveling the world alone.

Albert's tenderness and idealism seduce us from the beginning, and we begin to witness a journey that at first seems impossible. The support of his father and Albert's unwavering desire to live will give us all a lesson of love and perseverance.


Men With Balls


A tennis court is built in the least favorable place: a forgotten Hungarian town with a serious unemployment problem. The eccentric mayor of the town hopes that the court will be the beginning of a new and more active time for the picturesque yet sedentary inhabitants.

This hilarious comedy documentary shows us with sarcasm and irony what happens in the clash between provincial customs and the aspirations of progress of the institutions.

Vacanze al Mare


In these times of quarantine and compulsory abstinence from any kind of tourism, why not sit and meditate on the origin of this custom that we humans have of going to the beach on vacation.

In this humorous film essay, filmmaker Ermanno Cavazzoni proposes a whole theory about this human mania to go en masse to the sunny and paradisiacal beaches of our planet.

My Playground


No, they are not crazy. The protagonists of this documentary run, jump, climb and invade every inch of the city's buildings through the practice of Parkour and Freerunning. Mainly set in Copenhagen, Denmark, the documentary follows a group of young people in their exploration of the urban space. They will hopefully make us interact in a more free and dynamic way with our surroundings when the quarantine ends.

Life Off Grid


Filmed over the course of two years, this documentary shows us a series of individuals and families who have decided to live far from civilization and without gas or electricity service.

The film takes us to the most beautiful natural landscapes in Canada, where these intrepid dwellers try to have a more sustainable and respectful relationship with nature.

Is planet Earth trying to tell us something about it through the current health crisis that we face as humanity?

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