Feeding the Future: 10 Must-Watch Documentaries About Sustainable Food

March 23, 2023

Discover the Inspiring Stories of Entrepreneurs Leading the Way to a More Sustainable Food Industry.

The food industry is one of the biggest contributors to environmental degradation, with large-scale agriculture and food processing causing significant damage to the planet. However, there is a growing movement of entrepreneurs who are committed to creating a more sustainable food system. These innovators are using technology, regenerative agriculture, and new business models to create a more ethical and environmentally friendly food industry. 


 Happy farmers after harvesting the crop

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or simply interested in the future of food, these films offer valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the sustainable food industry. From small-scale farmers to food waste innovators, these documentaries and docuseries feature a range of inspiring stories that will leave you feeling motivated and empowered to make a difference.

Top 10 documentaries about entrepreneurs working with sustainable approaches:




This documentary tells the story of farmers, ranchers, and fishermen who are embracing sustainable practices to preserve natural resources and support local communities.


The Future of Food 

 A drawing of a sown field and the blue sky with a little bird flying

Is a documentary that explores the impact of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on agriculture and food production. It has won numerous awards and has been screened at film festivals and community events around the world.


The Slow Food Story

 A man smiles as he poses in front of an artisan cheese shop

Is a captivating documentary that follows the journey of the Slow Food movement from its humble beginnings in Italy to a worldwide network of over 100,000 members. The film portrays the founders' mission to promote local, sustainable, and traditional food cultures in response to the rise of fast food and industrial agriculture. Through interviews with chefs, farmers, and activists, The Slow Food Story showcases the movement's impact on communities, economies, and the environment. The documentary invites viewers to reflect on the importance of preserving food diversity and the connection between food and culture.


Food, Inc.

A cow with a barcode

This documentary sheds light on the hidden costs of industrial agriculture and food processing, and features interviews with farmers, food safety advocates, and other experts. You can watch Food, Inc. on Netflix.


Together We Grow

Young womens in a garden

Is a heartwarming short film that highlights the resilience and determination of a community through the story of Common Unity Project Aotearoa. Jordan Osmond's captivating direction takes the viewers on a journey through the thriving hub that brings the local community together, promoting sustainability and resilience through shared activities such as gardening, sewing, and repairing. With its uplifting message and inspiring examples of collaborative community work, Together We Grow is a must-see for anyone seeking to learn about the power of community building.


The Real Dirt on Farmer John

 A farmer with a hat and barbie dolls in the pockets of his gardening suit

Is a captivating documentary that tells the story of John Peterson, a farmer who defies convention and conformity in his rural community. The film takes the viewer on a journey through John's life, chronicling his struggles with depression and self-doubt, as well as his triumphs in building a successful organic farm. Through interviews and vintage footage, filmmaker Taggart Siegel brings John's story to life, highlighting the power of art and free expression in the face of adversity. This poignant and humorous film is a celebration of the human spirit and a testament to the resilience of the human soul.


Urban Roots

 An older man waters what he sows in his backyard

Is a powerful and inspiring documentary that showcases the incredible urban farming movement in Detroit. Through beautiful cinematography and heartfelt interviews with the community members who have taken up this cause, the film reveals how this grassroots effort is helping to transform the city's abandoned lots into thriving gardens and farms. Director Frank Fitzpatrick and producer Tree Media expertly capture the hope and resilience of a community facing incredible challenges, and leave viewers feeling inspired to take action in their own communities. Whether you are a passionate environmentalist or simply interested in learning more about the power of community-driven change, Urban Roots is a must-watch film.


Out of a Jam

Jam jars

Is a powerful documentary that follows the inspiring journey of a group of rural women from India. These women, united by their love for making jams, come together to challenge the oppressive gender roles of their society and take control of their own destinies. With determination and courage, they work towards building a brighter future for themselves and their families, proving that even in the face of adversity, change is possible.


Wind's Heritage

 A man with a handful of earth that he brings up to his nose to smell it

Is a captivating short film that explores the daily life of Juan, a farmer in rural Mexico, and his deep connection to the land. Through his own experiences and ancestral knowledge, Juan passes on the importance of planting and farming to his children and helpers. This beautifully shot documentary, which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival, offers a rare glimpse into the world of those who provide us with nourishment and sustenance, and serves as a powerful reminder of the vital role that farmers play in our lives.


The Sower

 Surreal landscape with a bush headed man

Is a captivating documentary that sheds light on the inspiring work of seed producer and artist Patrice Fortier, who is dedicated to preserving plant biodiversity. Through his passion and expertise, Fortier is on a mission to restore vitality and variety to our agricultural heritage by preserving and propagating rare and forgotten seeds. Living on his farm, La société des plantes, in the Kamouraska Valley, Fortier's admiration for the independence of plants and his dream to preserve and spread their genetic legacy is truly contagious, making this film a must-watch for anyone interested in sustainable agriculture and biodiversity.


Watch these films to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in sustainable food entrepreneurship. These films highlight the importance of community, collaboration, and innovation in building a more sustainable and equitable food system. Whether you watch on Netflix, these films offer powerful insights and inspiration for anyone interested in the future of food.

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