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Volker Schlecht



Volker Schlecht is a German film director, producer, and screenwriter. Born in 1964 in East Berlin, he studied at the Film and Television Academy in Berlin. After graduating in 1989, he began working as a director in television and feature films. Schlecht has worked on a number of award-winning films, including “The Promise” (1995), “The Big Day” (1998), “The Journey” (1999), and “The Blue Room” (2003).

In 1995, Schlecht wrote and directed his first feature-length film, “The Promise.” This film, which he co-wrote with director Thomas Arslan, follows the story of a young East German who must make a difficult decision to move to West Germany. The film won numerous awards, including the German Film Award and the Bavarian Film Award.

In 1998, Schlecht wrote, directed, and produced “The Big Day.” This comedy follows the story of three friends who decide to take a road trip to a music festival, only to get lost along the way. The film was a commercial and critical success, and earned Schlecht the Bavarian Film Award for Best Feature Film.

In 1999, Schlecht wrote and directed “The Journey.” This drama follows a young woman who is struggling to make a new life for herself after being separated from her family. The film was well-received and earned Schlecht a nomination for the German Film Award for Best Director.

In 2003, Schlecht wrote and directed “The Blue Room.” This drama follows a young couple who are struggling to make ends meet as they search for a better life. The film was highly praised and earned Schlecht the Bavarian Film Award for Best Director.

Schlecht has continued to make films over the years, including the drama “Sister Marie” (2005), the comedy “The Runaway” (2007), and the drama “The House” (2009). He has also produced a number of films, including “The Last Train” (2010) and “The White Sheep” (2012).

Throughout his career, Schlecht has earned numerous awards and nominations, including the Bavarian Film Awards for Best Director and Best Feature Film. He has also earned a number of international awards, including an award at the Rotterdam

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