Tom Lemke

Tom Lemke



Tom Lemke is a German filmmaker who has made a name for himself as a director and producer of narrative films, documentaries, and television shows. He was born in the city of Hanover in 1970 and attended the University of Hannover, where he studied German literature and film.

Lemke began his career in the mid-1990s, directing short films, music videos, and television commercials. In 1998, he directed his first feature-length film, Ich Bin Ein Berliner, which became a hit in Germany. The story follows a young man from Berlin who is on a journey of self-discovery.

In 2001, Lemke directed his second feature-length film, Amerika, which was also a success. The story follows an American woman who travels to Berlin and falls in love with a German man.

In the early 2000s, Lemke began directing documentaries, including the acclaimed documentary Die Kinder von Berlin, which follows the lives of three children growing up in Berlin. The film was nominated for the German Film Award and won the Golden Dove at the Leipzig Documentary Film Festival.

In 2007, Lemke directed his third feature-length film, Der Tod ist ein Meister aus Deutschland, which follows a German family dealing with the death of their patriarch.

In 2010, Lemke directed the television series Die Unsichtbaren, which follows a group of spies and their missions during the Cold War. The series was a hit with audiences and critics alike, and received numerous awards and nominations.

More recently, Lemke has worked on several television series, including the crime drama Stolberg and the historical drama Bad Banks. In 2020, Lemke directed the feature film Der traurige Mönch, which tells the story of a monk who is struggling with his faith.

Throughout his career, Lemke has received numerous awards and nominations, and has established himself as one of the most successful and prolific filmmakers in Germany. He continues to work on both narrative and documentary films, exploring issues of identity, history, and the human condition.

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