Tamara Perkins

Tamara Perkins



Tamara Perkins is a Canadian film and television director. She began her career as a director in 1995 when she graduated from the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto. Since then she has gone on to direct a number of feature films and television series.

Her first feature film, The Uncles, was released in 2000 and was nominated for a Genie Award for Best Picture. She has since directed two more feature films, The Delicate Art of Parking and Spooky House.

In television, she has directed episodes of popular series such as The Twilight Zone, Smallville, The L Word, Supernatural, and Sanctuary. She also directed the television movie Homecoming, which was nominated for a Gemini Award.

Perkins has won numerous awards for her work. She received the 2008 Directors Guild of Canada Award for Outstanding Direction in a Dramatic Series for her work on the television series The L Word. She also won the Women in Film and Television Award for Outstanding Direction in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series for her work on Homecoming.

In addition to her directing work, Perkins also teaches directing classes at the Canadian Film Centre. She is an advocate for women in the film and television industry, and has spoken out on the lack of female representation in the industry.

Perkins is an incredibly talented director with a passion for storytelling. She is an inspiration to aspiring directors, and her work has had a lasting impact on the industry. Her commitment to telling stories from a female perspective has opened up new opportunities for female directors in the industry.

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