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Life After life

  • 9 10
  • 2018
  • 71min
Life After life
  • Original Title: Life After life

According to statistics, 95% of all incarcerated people will come home. Director Tamara Perkins follows three men in the U.S as they try to restart their lives after leaving behind the bars of confinement.

Life After life

AWARDS: Media For a Just Society Award. National Council on Crime and Delinquency 

Life After Life. Three men after prison

Life After Life follows the stories of Harrison, Noel, and Chris as they return home from San Quentin State Prison.

The film follows these three men who have all served lengthy prison sentences. Each man has a different story, but they all share one common goal: to prove that it is possible to find success after tragedy. 

Tamara Perkins
Tamara Perkins Director

Production Companies

Apple of Discord Productions, LLC

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