Sergio Fernandez Borrás

Sergio Fernandez Borrás



Sergio Fernandez Borrás (born December 5, 1979) is a Spanish film director and screenwriter. He is best known for his internationally acclaimed feature films, such as “The Last Night” (2010), “Theorem” (2011) and “The Promise” (2013).

Sergio Fernandez Borrás was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. He attended school in Madrid and graduated from the University of Valladolid with a degree in film and television studies. He then went on to pursue a career in filmmaking, working as a production assistant for several years before making his directorial debut in 2007 with the short film “Delicatessen”.

His first feature film, “The Last Night”, was released in 2010 and was met with critical acclaim. It was awarded the Goya Award for Best New Director and was nominated for Best Film at the European Film Awards. It was also selected as the Spanish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 83rd Academy Awards.

In 2011, Sergio directed the drama “Theorem”, which won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film and was nominated for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. His third feature film, “The Promise”, was released in 2013 and was also nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film.

In addition to his work in film, Sergio has also directed several television series, including “The Clinic” (2012) and “The House of Secrets” (2016). He has also written and directed several short films and documentaries.

Sergio Fernandez Borrás is one of the most accomplished contemporary Spanish film directors. His films have received numerous awards and have been praised for their innovative storytelling and visual style. He continues to make an impact in the film industry and is one of the most sought-after directors in the world.

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