Sam De Jong

Sam De Jong



Sam De Jong is a Dutch film director, writer, and producer best known for his feature films Prince and The Maria Effect. He was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands on December 5, 1987.

Growing up, De Jong was drawn to the world of film and television, and attended the Netherlands Film Academy. After graduating in 2011, he began directing short films, which included documentaries and music videos. One of his early projects, The Maria Effect, was a success with critics and audiences, leading to his first feature film Prince, which received critical acclaim.

De Jong has since gone on to direct a number of other feature films, including the psychological thriller The Queen and the hit comedy Mary Goes Round. His latest feature film, The Domino Principle, follows a young couple on a mission to reunite a father with his daughter.

In addition to his film work, De Jong has also produced television shows, such as the Dutch version of MasterChef Junior. He has also written several screenplays, including the upcoming film The Good Ones, which follows the story of two teenage girls on a road trip to find their missing father.

De Jong has been recognized for his work by several awards, including the prestigious Golden Calf for Best Director at the Netherlands Film Festival in 2014. He also received the International Achievement Award at the 2016 Amsterdam International Film Festival.

De Jong’s films have been praised for their unconventional storytelling and unique visual style, and he continues to garner attention as one of the most talented Dutch directors of his generation. With a growing body of work, De Jong is sure to continue making an impact in the world of cinema for years to come.

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