Rubén Margalló

Rubén Margalló



Rubén Margalló is a Spanish director and producer best known for his work in film and television. He was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1971 and has been involved in the Spanish film industry since the early 1990s.

Margalló started his career in 1992 as an assistant director in television series and short films. He quickly developed a reputation for being a talented and innovative director, and in 1997 he directed his first feature film, "Carretera y Manta". This film was a success, and Margalló was soon directing many more television series and films.

In the early 2000s, Margalló began producing and directing feature length films. He directed the comedy "Los Serrano" in 2003 and the drama "Hermanos De Sangre" in 2006. These films were both commercial and critical successes. In 2008, he directed the horror film "The Orphanage" which was a huge hit in Spain and earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Language Film.

In 2009, Margalló directed the comedy "Las Aventuras De Tadeo Jones" which was also a success. In 2010, he directed "Los Ojos De Julia" which was nominated for a Goya Award for Best Film.

In 2011, Margalló directed "The Skin I Live In" which was a critical and commercial success and earned him another Academy Award nomination. Margalló has since gone on to direct other successful films such as "El Cuerpo" (2012), "Tarde Para La Ira" (2016), and "Verano 1993" (2017).

Margalló has also produced many successful films and television series. He is a member of the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, and in 2019 he was nominated for a Goya Award for Best Director. Margalló is still actively involved in the Spanish film industry and is known for his unique and creative directing style.

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