Still Land

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  • 2013
  • 72min
Still Land
  • Original Title: Still Alice (2014)

Amid an apparent calmness, this film makes a portrait of a fragmented Nicaraguan family thorugh Estela and Sebastián, whose children emigrated to other countries escaping poverty.

Still Land

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Still land. A fragmented family in Nicaragua

Still Land portrays the lives of Mrs. Estela and Mr. Sebastián, whose children emigrated to other countries in search of a better future. 

Ylan, the youngest one, is still a child who lives in his own world of bliss, unaware that in the future he may have to take some tough decisions, just as his siblings did. 

Still Land is the story of a family that can only come together in photomontages. The floods and another electoral victory of the Sandinistas complete this portrait of daily reality, where an apparently quiet and peaceful life is asphyxiated beneath the weight of a dying immobility. 

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