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Niko von Glasow



Niko von Glasow is a German filmmaker and director whose body of work spans over twenty years. He is best known for his films "Disabled Love" (2008) and "Paradise Trips" (2015).

Niko was born in Munich, Germany in 1974. He studied philosophy and media sciences at the University of Munich before beginning his career in film. After graduating, he worked as an editor for various TV stations and eventually became a producer and director.

In 2001, Niko made his feature film debut with "The Delivery Man". The film was well-received and won several awards at film festivals. He followed up with the short film "Disabled Love" (2008) which earned him the Special Jury Prize at the Berlin Film Festival.

"Disabled Love" focuses on the relationship between a disabled man and a woman in her twenties. It garnered critical acclaim and won numerous awards, including the German Film Award for Best Short Film.

Niko's next feature was "Paradise Trips" (2015). It follows four young people on a road trip in search of freedom and adventure. The film was praised for its creative visuals and strong performances. It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for Best First Feature at the European Film Awards.

Niko is also an accomplished documentary filmmaker. His documentary "Disabled Life" (2009) explores the lives of disabled people in Germany. It was nominated for Best Documentary at the German Documentary Film Awards.

Niko is a passionate filmmaker with a unique vision. His films have earned him numerous awards and accolades, and his work continues to be celebrated around the world. He is an inspiration to many aspiring filmmakers and continues to push the boundaries of filmmaking.

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