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Nobody's Perfect

  • 8 10
  • 2008
  • 83min
Nobody's Perfect
  • Original Title: Nobody's Perfect

Niko von Glasow was born disabled due to the side effects of the drug thalidomide. So were the eleven people he finds to be photographed naked for a calendar, a project that allows an experience of a taboo-free debate and self recognition.

Nobody's Perfect
AWARDS: Best Documentary. German Film Awards/ Human Rights Awards Special Mention. Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema/ Editing Award Honorable Mention. Film Plus.

NoBody's Perfect, the beautiful imperfect bodies

Director Niko von Glasow's astute and straightforward narrative takes us into the otherwise invisible world of thalidomiders.

They are themselves, through the interviews made by the director, who tell us without hesitation their ways of facing life with their disability.

Having won many international awards, the great value of this documentary rests on the opportunity it gives to get to know people who are usually only the object of a fleeting glance by the common passer-by.

A photo shoot is the perfect excuse to face the challenge of nudity, a subversive and powerful gesture, which contains within itself an image with the power to generate a change in the eye of the spectator.

The film accomplishes its mission with great success, above all because of its narrative economy and aesthetic modesty, which is so imperfect that it becomes perfect, just like the bodies in it.

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Palladio Film

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