Narges Kalhor

Narges Kalhor



Narges Kalhor is an Iranian documentary filmmaker and director. Born in 1984 in Tehran, Iran, Kalhor has been passionate about filmmaking since her childhood. She studied filmmaking and theatre at Tehran University and graduated in 2008.

Kalhor’s first documentary film, “Wounded Dream”, was released in 2012, which documents the struggles of Iranian women to gain their rights. The film was screened at numerous international film festivals and received awards such as the Best Documentary Award at the Women’s International Film Festival in India and the Best Screenplay Award at the Tehran International Documentary Festival.

In 2014, Kalhor’s second documentary film, “The Right to Live”, was released. This film follows the story of a woman who fights for her rights in a society where women are still seen as inferior. Her third documentary, “Call to Action”, was released in 2016. This film follows a group of Iranian women who are fighting for their rights in the face of oppression and injustice.

Kalhor’s films have been screened at numerous festivals including the Berlin International Film Festival, the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and the Toronto International Film Festival. Her films have been praised for their realistic representation of the struggles faced by Iranian women.

Kalhor’s films have had a huge impact on the Iranian public, opening up a dialogue about gender equality and women’s rights in Iran. Her work has also been praised by international critics, who have praised her for her boldness and courage to take on such difficult topics.

Kalhor is an inspiration to many young filmmakers and activists in Iran, and her films have raised awareness of the plight of Iranian women and the fight for gender equality. Her work is a testament to her passion for telling stories that need to be heard.

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