Miloš Tomić is a Serbian film director best known for his work in the genres of drama, comedy, and romance. Born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1976, Miloš began his career in film at the age of 18 when he joined the Belgrade Film Academy. After graduating in 1998, he directed several short films that earned him awards and recognition.

In 2001, Miloš made his feature-length debut with the romantic drama ‘The Dream’, which was widely praised for its strong visual style and complex characters. The film was a success in Serbia and abroad, and won several awards including the Best Film at the 2002 Belgrade Film Festival.

Miloš followed up his debut success with the 2003 romantic comedy ‘A Little Bit of Heaven’, which was a commercial hit and earned him the Best Director Award at the 2004 Belgrade Film Festival. The film was also successful in Europe, and was released in several countries including Italy and France.

In 2006, Miloš directed the critically acclaimed drama ‘The Journey’, which earned him a nomination for Best Director at the 2007 Belgrade Film Festival. The film was praised for its exploration of the complex relationships between a father and son, and for its captivating visual style.

Miloš’s later works include the 2013 drama ‘The House’, which was well-received by critics and audiences alike. The film was praised for its exploration of the themes of family and identity, and for its beautiful cinematography.

Miloš’s latest feature, ‘The Fourth Dimension’, was released in 2016. The film was praised for its inventive visual style, and for its exploration of themes of love and loss.

Miloš is a highly respected filmmaker in Serbia, and his films have been acclaimed for their visual style and emotional depth. He is also noted for his willingness to take risks and explore new themes and ideas. His work is sure to be enjoyed by film enthusiasts for years to come.

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