Mette Korsgaard

Mette Korsgaard



Mette Korsgaard is a Danish film director, writer, and producer. She is best known for her award-winning films, which have been shown in the Berlinale, Sundance, and SXSW film festivals.

Korsgaard grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she developed an interest in film. She studied film and television production at the European Film College in Ebeltoft, Denmark, and then graduated from the National Film School of Denmark.

Korsgaard made her feature film debut in 2016 with the psychological drama, "The Day Will Come". The film received critical acclaim, winning multiple awards at festivals worldwide, including Best Film at the Göteborg International Film Festival.

In 2017, Korsgaard released her second feature film, "In Love and War", which tells the story of a young couple during World War II. The film was another success, winning the Best Film award at the Odense International Film Festival.

In 2019, Korsgaard directed the drama "The Art of Crying". The film follows a young man who is struggling to find his place in the world. The film was well-received by critics and won multiple awards, including the Grand Prize at the CPH PIX Film Festival.

Korsgaard is currently working on her fourth feature film, "The Good Son", which is set to be released in 2021.

Korsgaard's films have a unique style that combines elements of drama, suspense, and dark comedy. She often takes risks with her stories and characters, creating complex and compelling narratives.

Korsgaard is an incredibly talented filmmaker, with an impressive body of work. She has become one of the most acclaimed Danish directors of her generation, and her films have garnered international attention.

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