Lisbeth Koutchoumoff

Lisbeth Koutchoumoff



Lisbeth Koutchoumoff is an established filmmaker, director, and producer. Born and raised in France, she studied film at the prestigious La Femis film school in Paris.

Koutchoumoff has directed numerous feature films, shorts, and documentaries, and her work has been showcased at festivals around the world. Her feature film debut, “The Long Night of August” (2008) won numerous awards, including the Prix de la Mise en Scene at the Cannes Film Festival. Since then, her films have continued to receive critical acclaim.

Koutchoumoff’s films often examine issues of identity and belonging, from immigration issues in her feature “Without Borders” (2012) to the struggle of the French Roma in her short “Le Grand Voyage” (2015). Her documentary “A Place of Our Own” (2019) explores the lives of displaced people living in a refugee camp in Greece.

In addition to her feature and short films, Koutchoumoff is also well-known for her work in television. She directed the popular French series “Vacances” (2009-2012), which won a Prix de la Meilleure Serie at the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

Off screen, Koutchoumoff is a fierce advocate for diversity and representation. She serves as a jury member on numerous film festivals, often selecting films that explore issues of gender, race, and social justice. She has also spoken out for greater representation in French cinema.

Koutchoumoff’s work has been praised for its intimate and nuanced approach to storytelling, and for its willingness to explore complex and difficult topics. She has firmly established herself as one of the most talented and visionary French filmmakers of her generation.

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