Lina Mannheimer

Lina Mannheimer



Lina Mannheimer is a Swedish director and screenwriter. She is best known for her work on the television series “The Bridge” (2011-2018) and the feature film “The Wind Will Carry Us Away” (2019).

Lina was born on October 3, 1975, in Stockholm, Sweden. She attended the Swedish Film Institute in Stockholm, where she studied directing and screenwriting. After graduating, Mannheimer worked as an assistant director on several television series and feature films.

In 2011, Mannheimer directed her first feature film, “The Bridge”, which quickly became a hit. The series was a crime drama that followed two detectives from different countries as they investigated a murder on the border of Sweden and Denmark. The series was a critical and commercial success, and it won several awards, including a Golden Globe for Best Drama Series in 2013.

In 2016, Mannheimer directed the film “The Wind Will Carry Us Away”, which was an adaptation of the novel by the same name. The film tells the story of a family of Swedish immigrants living in the United States in the early 20th century. The film was well received by critics and was nominated for several awards, including the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film.

Lina Mannheimer has also directed several television movies and mini-series. Her most recent work is the television series “The Investigation” (2021), which is based on the true story of a police investigation into the murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall.

Mannheimer is known for her ability to create compelling and emotionally powerful stories. Her work is often praised for its realism and attention to detail. Her films often explore themes of family, identity, and immigration. She is also known for her strong female characters and her ability to create compelling characters regardless of gender.

Lina Mannheimer has established herself as one of Sweden’s most successful directors and screenwriters. Her work is highly acclaimed and has won multiple awards. She continues to work on both television and film projects, and is currently in pre-production for her next feature film.

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