Kostas Pliakos

Kostas Pliakos



Kostas Pliakos is a Greek film director who has created some of the most acclaimed films in the Greek cinematic world. He was born on November 8, 1967, in Athens, Greece.

Kostas started his career in the 1980s as an assistant director on various films. After a few years he decided to direct his own feature films. His first film, “Petric” (1986), was a great success and earned him critical acclaim. The film was about a young man who escapes from the military service in Greece and is forced to deal with the realities of life.

In the 1990s, Kostas directed several more films, including “The Other Side” (1994) and “The Dream of Zeus” (1998). Both of these films earned him international recognition. In 2001, he won the prestigious Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival for his film “The Beach”. This film dealt with the issue of illegal immigration in Greece.

Kostas’ most recent work is the critically-acclaimed “Kleisthenes” (2014). This film tells the story of the rise of democracy in ancient Athens. It has been highly praised for its visual effects and intense dramatization of the events.

Throughout his career, Kostas has received numerous awards. He has been honored with the Greek Film Academy Award for Best Director, the Greek National Award for Best Director, and the European Film Award for Best Director.

Kostas Pliakos is a highly acclaimed director in the Greek cinematic world. He has created many films that have been praised for their visual beauty and intense emotional content. He has been recognized for his unique style and has been awarded for his outstanding achievements. Kostas continues to inspire filmmakers around the world with his work.

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