Kai Sehr

Kai Sehr



Kai Sehr is a German-born director and producer, best known for his work on the television series, The Walking Dead. Born in Berlin in 1984, Sehr was raised in a family of filmmakers, and was exposed to the art of storytelling from a very young age.

Sehr attended the University of Television and Film Munich, graduating with a degree in direction. After graduating, he worked in numerous production companies, gaining experience in the industry. Sehr then began his career as a director, taking on projects such as music videos, short films, and commercials.

In 2010, Sehr made his debut as a television director, helming an episode of the German television series, Die Protokollanten. This was soon followed by directing episodes of the popular series, Tatort.

In 2014, Sehr was hired to direct an episode of The Walking Dead, the highly acclaimed zombie drama series. His work on the show earned him critical praise, and he quickly became a regular director on the series. He has since directed multiple episodes, and is now a co-executive producer.

In addition to his work on The Walking Dead, Sehr has also directed episodes of several other television series, including Fear the Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, and the Netflix series, Ozark.

Throughout his career, Sehr has become known for his ability to tell compelling stories with depth and emotion. He has a unique vision and is able to create powerful moments on screen. Sehr is also adept at creating unique visuals that draw the viewer in.

Kai Sehr is an incredibly talented director and producer, and his work has earned him critical acclaim. He has become a regular presence in the television industry, and his work is sure to be remembered for years to come.

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