Julián Chalde

Julián Chalde



Julián Chalde is a Mexican filmmaker who has made a name for himself in the world of independent cinema. Born in Mexico City in 1970, he began his career as an editor and soon moved on to directing. His debut feature, “La Diosa de los Corazones” (The Goddess of Hearts), was released in 2003.

Chalde quickly established himself as one of Mexico’s most innovative and daring directors. His award-winning films often challenge traditional notions of narrative structure and visual representation. His sophomore effort, “La Noche de los Muertos Vivientes” (The Night of the Living Dead), won him the prestigious Ariel Award for Best Director at the 2004 Mexican Academy Awards.

His next two films, “El Hombre de la Tierra” (The Man of the Earth) and “Viento Negro” (Black Wind), further cemented Chalde's reputation as a bold and uncompromising filmmaker. Both films examine the troubled relationship between Mexico and the United States, exploring the complex issues of immigration, identity, and cultural displacement.

In recent years, Chalde has focused on producing and directing television. He has created a number of acclaimed series for Mexican television, including “Lazos de Sangre” (Bloodlines), “La Vida de Rosa” (The Life of Rosa), and “La Casa de las Estrellas” (The House of Stars).

Chalde is a passionate advocate of independent film in Mexico. He has been a vocal supporter of the ongoing movement to create a more robust and diverse independent film scene in his home country. He has also served as a mentor to numerous aspiring filmmakers, offering guidance and support in their creative endeavors.

Chalde is a gifted storyteller and a tireless voice for Mexican cinema. His films have won numerous awards and been widely acclaimed by critics as some of the most captivating and thought-provoking works of contemporary Mexican cinema. As he continues to push the boundaries of Mexican filmmaking, Julián Chalde will remain a major force in the world of independent filmmaking for years to come.

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