Jozef Devillé

Jozef Devillé



Jozef Devillé (1954 – ) is a Belgian film director and producer. He is best known for his dark, psychological dramas and his work on critically acclaimed films such as The Memory of a Killer (2003) and Cordon (2011).

Born in Belgium in 1954, Devillé was exposed to the world of cinema at a young age. His father, a passionate cinephile, introduced him to the work of renowned directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and Akira Kurosawa. Devillé was inspired by these iconic filmmakers and developed a love for the art of storytelling.

After studying literature at the University of Ghent, Devillé began his career in the film industry as a screenwriter. He wrote scripts for a variety of genres, ranging from science fiction to horror. He then moved into directing, first helming a series of short films before making his feature film debut with the psychological thriller, The Memory of a Killer (2003).

The Memory of a Killer was a critical and commercial success, garnering a number of awards and nominations. It was praised for its intricate plot and its exploration of themes such as guilt and free will. This success cemented Devillé's status as an acclaimed filmmaker and led to further successes such as the crime drama Cordon (2011).

Devillé has since gone on to direct and produce a range of feature films, including the romantic comedy It's All So Quiet (2013) and the political drama The Ardennes (2015). His films often explore complex moral issues and the complexities of human relationships.

Throughout his career, Devillé has remained committed to creating thought-provoking films that challenge audiences. He has been recognized for his contributions to Belgian cinema and was awarded the Order of Leopold II in 2016.

Devillé continues to make films that captivate and inspire. He is currently working on his latest project, a drama set in the Congo. With his unique vision and dedication to his craft, Devillé is sure to continue creating powerful and meaningful films for many years to come.

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