Joachim Michaux

Joachim Michaux



Joachim Michaux is a French film director, screenwriter and producer. He is best known for his work in drama, comedy and animation films.

Michaux was born in Paris in the year 1975. He was raised in a small village in the Ardennes region of France. He studied filmmaking at the University of Paris VIII, graduating in 2000.

In 2001, Michaux made his directorial debut with the short film 'Three Wishes', which won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. This was followed with a series of short films, many of which were featured at international festivals. In 2004, Michaux released his first feature-length film, 'The Last Train', which was nominated for a French Cesar Award.

Michaux is known for his unique visual style, which combines elements of realism and fantasy. He often uses a combination of live action and animation to create his films. His films often explore themes of family, identity, and belonging.

Michaux has directed numerous feature-length films, including 'The Man Who Fell from the Sky' (2008), 'The Invisible Boy' (2010), 'The Red Room' (2012), and 'The Road to Freedom' (2015). His most recent feature, 'The Wedding Ring' (2017), won the Grand Prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Michaux has also produced several films, including 'The Little World' (2016), 'The Cut' (2018) and 'The White Rabbit' (2019). He has also directed episodes of television shows, including 'The Last Train'.

Michaux continues to be an active filmmaker, both in France and abroad. He is currently in pre-production on his next feature film.

Joachim Michaux is a highly respected filmmaker whose work has been celebrated at festivals around the world. His unique visual style and thoughtful storytelling have earned him a devoted following. He continues to be a driving force in French cinema.

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