Jasyn Howes

Jasyn Howes



Jasyn Howes is an award-winning director, producer, and screenwriter with many accolades under his belt. He has worked on a variety of feature films, documentaries, and television shows. Born in London, England, Howes developed a passion for storytelling at a young age. After studying film production at the University of Westminster, he began his career in the entertainment industry, working as a production assistant on a variety of projects.

He made his directorial debut in 2013 with the feature film, “A Room to Share”, which won the Best Feature Film award at the London Independent Film Festival. His next feature film, “The Life of a Man”, was released in 2017 and earned him a BAFTA nomination. Since then, Howes has directed a number of critically-acclaimed projects, including the crime drama, “The Shadow”, and the romantic comedy, “Love in a Time of War”.

In addition to his feature films, Howes has directed a number of documentaries and television shows. He directed “The British Empire: A History”, a four-part documentary series for the BBC, and “The Missing Links”, a six-part series for Channel 4. He also worked on the BAFTA-nominated drama series, “The Inbetweeners”.

Howes’s work has earned him numerous awards and accolades. In 2019, he won the BAFTA for Best Director for his work on “The Life of a Man”. He also won the Best Director award at the London Independent Film Festival for “A Room to Share”. In addition, he has been nominated for numerous other awards, including the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) and the Royal Television Society (RTS).

Jasyn Howes has established himself as one of the most talented directors in the industry. His work has earned him numerous awards and nominations, and he continues to push the boundaries of storytelling with each new project. With his impressive body of work, Howes shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

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