Iuri Moreno

Iuri Moreno



Iuri Moreno is a Brazilian film director, actor, and producer. He is best known for directing the critically acclaimed films “Tudo Azul” and “A Noite”.

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1973, Moreno was drawn to the world of film from an early age. He studied drama and acting at the Escola de Teatro do Rio de Janeiro and later gained a degree in film directing from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

In 2004, Moreno directed his first feature film, “Tudo Azul”, which was an immediate hit with both audiences and critics alike. The film went on to win several awards, including Best Film at the Rio de Janeiro Film Festival.

Since then, Moreno has continued to direct, write, and produce other notable films, including “A Noite” (2014) and “A Festa da Menina Morta” (2016). All of his works have received acclaim for their unique storylines and visual style.

In addition to his filmmaking career, Moreno has also acted in several films, including “O Homem que Sabia Demais” (2003) and “Ninho” (2007). He has also produced several television series, including “Aqui e Agora” (2006) and “Faz de Conta” (2008).

Moreno’s latest project is the feature film “A Arte do Calar”, which premiered at the 2020 Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival. The film tells the story of two sisters dealing with the death of their mother.

Iuri Moreno continues to be a prolific filmmaker in Brazil, pushing the boundaries of the medium with his innovative visual style and unique stories. His works have earned him numerous awards and accolades, cementing his place as one of the most important directors in Brazilian cinema.

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