Hernán Fernández

Hernán Fernández



Hernán Fernández is a renowned Argentinian film director and screenwriter. He began his career in the late 1970s, working as a production assistant on various films. His first major directing credit was in 1983 with the film “La Muerte de un Luchador” (The Death of a Wrestler).

Fernández has been a prolific director, having directed over twenty feature films over the course of his career. His films often explore the social and political issues of his native Argentina, such as poverty, violence and corruption. His 1995 film “La Ciudad Perdida” (The Lost City) was a critical success, and earned him a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Fernández has also directed several films for television, including the 2008 series “Los Ojos de Mi Padre” (The Eyes of My Father). In addition to his directing work, Fernández has also written several screenplays, including the screenplay for his 2007 film “La Piel de la Noche” (The Skin of the Night).

In recent years, Fernández has been focusing less on filmmaking, instead concentrating on teaching and mentoring the next generation of directors. In 2007, he founded the film school, “Escuela de Cine Hernán Fernández” (Hernán Fernández Film School), which focuses on developing the skills of young filmmakers.

Throughout his career, Fernández has been celebrated for his innovative and daring filmmaking style. His films have been praised for their poetic visuals and powerful stories, and his work has been included in numerous international film festivals. He has been awarded several awards throughout his career, including the Argentinian Academy of Cinematography Awards for Best Director.

Hernán Fernández is one of the most influential directors in Argentine cinema, and his work has had a lasting impact on the country’s film industry. His films have explored some of the most difficult and controversial topics of his time, and his work will continue to inspire filmmakers for generations to come.

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