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Guilherme Valiengo



Guilherme Valiengo is a Brazilian director, cinematographer and photographer who has been working in the film industry for over 20 years. He has worked on a diverse range of projects, from feature films and television series to music videos and advertising campaigns.

Valiengo was born in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1977. He developed an interest in film at an early age, and in 2000 he graduated from the School of Communications and Arts at the University of São Paulo with a degree in film production. After graduation, Valiengo worked as a producer and production assistant on a variety of projects.

In 2007, Valiengo made his directorial debut with the short film "Dry Land", which won numerous awards at film festivals around the world. This success led to more opportunities, and in 2009 he directed his first feature film, "The House of Sand". The film was a critical and commercial success, and earned Valiengo several awards, including the Best Feature Film prize at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival.

Since then, Valiengo has directed and produced a number of other projects, including the feature films "Our Beloved Month of August" (2009), "Little Secret" (2011), and "The Year My Parents Went on Vacation" (2012). He has also directed several television series, including "Golpe de Sorte" (2010), "Crime Scene" (2011), and "Homecoming" (2012).

Valiengo's work has been praised for its visual style, which often combines documentary-style realism with a poetic and surreal aesthetic. He is also known for his use of non-professional actors and his ability to capture the essence of a location or a culture.

Outside of filmmaking, Valiengo is an avid photographer and traveler. He has published two books of photographs, "The Streets of Brazil" (2012) and "The Beauty of Brazil" (2013). He also lectures regularly at universities and film schools around the world.

Valiengo has been honored with numerous awards, including the Brazilian Academy Award for Best Director (2013) and the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival's Special Jury Prize (2016). His work continues to be celebrated around the world, and he remains one of the most exciting and innovative filmmakers in Brazil.

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