Germán Scelso

Germán Scelso



Germán Scelso is an Argentine film director, screenwriter, and producer. He is best known for his films "El Cielo Subterráneo" (2005) and "La Flor" (2018).

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1971, Scelso was raised in a working-class neighborhood. His parents, both of Italian descent, encouraged him to pursue his passion for filmmaking. After attending college in Buenos Aires, Scelso began his career in film directing.

In 2005, Scelso released his first feature film, El Cielo Subterráneo. The film follows a group of friends in Buenos Aires as they navigate the city's criminal underworld. The film earned Scelso an Argentine Film Critics Association award for Best New Director.

Following El Cielo Subterráneo, Scelso directed a series of short films and documentaries, exploring themes of family, friendship, and identity. These included the 2009 short film "La Espera" and the 2013 documentary "Bajo el Sol de la Patagonia".

In 2018, Scelso released his second feature film, La Flor. The film follows four women in Buenos Aires as they search for the mysterious leader of a criminal organization. The film was a critical success, garnering awards at festivals in Venice, Buenos Aires, and San Sebastian.

Through his films, Scelso has become a respected voice in Argentinian cinema. His films explore themes of identity and belonging in modern-day Argentina with a unique visual style. He has also served as a mentor to other Argentinian filmmakers, helping to foster an environment of creativity and artistic exploration.

Scelso's work continues to be celebrated and appreciated by audiences and critics alike. He has cemented his place as one of the most exciting and visionary filmmakers in Argentina, and his work continues to inspire viewers around the world.

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