Debalina Majumder.

Debalina Majumder.



Debalina Majumder is an Indian film director who is known for her work in Bengali films. She was born in Kolkata, West Bengal, India in 1985. She completed her schooling from the South Point School in Kolkata and went on to pursue a degree in Mass Communication from the University of Calcutta.

Debalina started her career as a documentary filmmaker. In 2009, she made her first documentary film titled ‘Loktantrik’ which focused on the political and social issues in West Bengal. The film was critically acclaimed and won the National Award for Best Documentary Film.

In 2011, she ventured into feature films and made her debut with the movie ‘Bhalo Theko’. The movie was a success and was nominated for several awards including the National Award for Best Feature Film in Bengali.

Debalina followed up her debut with the movie ‘Chaya’ in 2013. The movie was based on the story of a young girl who is struggling to cope with the death of her father. The movie was well received by the audience and was praised for its sensitive portrayal of the subject.

Debalina continued her success with the movie ‘Dhruva’ which was released in 2016. The movie revolved around the story of a young man who finds himself in an unexpected situation while on a road trip. The movie was a box office hit and was nominated for several awards.

In 2020, Debalina released her most recent film ‘Goyenda’. The movie is about a group of friends who set out on a journey to find a missing girl from their village. The movie was a commercial success and was praised for its gripping narrative and strong performances.

Debalina Majumder is one of the most promising directors of the Bengali film industry. Her movies are known for their strong storylines, relatable characters and sensitive portrayals of the social issues. Her movies have been critically acclaimed and have won several awards and nominations. She is currently working on her upcoming projects and is sure to make a mark in the film industry.

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