David Maye

David Maye



David Maye is a critically acclaimed director, producer, and cinematographer who has worked on a number of films, television shows, and music videos. He has been recognized for his work in the film and television industry, and has been nominated for several awards.

Born in 1971 in London, England, David Maye was raised in a creative family. His father was an artist and his mother a journalist. He attended the University of Westminster and soon developed a passion for filmmaking. After college, he began working as a camera assistant on a number of films and television shows, including the 1995 cult classic Trainspotting.

In 2006, he made his directorial debut with the short film, “Away”, which was nominated for the British Independent Film Awards. The film was a success and garnered critical acclaim. This was followed up with the feature film, “Hooded”, which earned him the British Independent Film Award for Best Director.

Since then, David has directed a number of films, television shows, and music videos. His most recent work includes the Netflix series, “Daredevil”, which he executive produced and directed several episodes of. He also directed the 2016 horror film, “The Witch”, which was nominated for a BAFTA.

In addition to his work in film and television, David has also directed several music videos, including “The Less I Know the Better” by Tame Impala and “Smile” by The Chainsmokers. He has also done extensive commercial work for companies such as Nike, Adidas, and Coca-Cola.

Overall, David Maye is a talented and experienced director. He is highly regarded in the industry and has been nominated for several awards. His work spans across film, television, and music videos, and he continues to make a lasting impact on the industry.

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