Chico Pereira

Chico Pereira



Chico Pereira (born December 5, 1988) is a Spanish film director, screenwriter and producer. He graduated from the University of the Basque Country with a degree in audiovisual communication.

He is best known for his feature films, “El Futuro” (2013) and “Eva No Duerme” (2015), which were both critically acclaimed and won several awards, including the Goya Award for Best New Director in 2014.

Pereira’s directorial debut, “El Futuro”, is a coming-of-age story about two teenage sisters who spend their summer in Madrid while their parents are abroad. The film was praised for its beautiful cinematography and for its exploration of teenage identity and relationships.

In 2015, Pereira released his second feature film, “Eva No Duerme”. This psychological thriller follows the story of a young woman who is struggling to cope with the death of her father and the disappearance of her brother. The film was nominated for the Goya Award for Best Picture and was a commercial success.

Pereira has also directed several short films, documentaries and music videos, as well as commercials for major companies. He is currently working on his third feature film, “Matar el Tiempo”, which is set to be released in 2018.

As well as his work in film, Pereira has been involved in several other projects. In 2015, he co-founded the production company, El Futuro Films, which focuses on developing new talent in the Spanish film industry. He also co-founded the online magazine, The Invisible City, which focuses on exploring the social and cultural landscape of the Basque Country.

Chico Pereira is an innovative and talented filmmaker who continues to push the boundaries of Spanish cinema with his unique and thought-provoking films. His work has been praised for its beautiful cinematography and for its exploration of complex themes, making him one of the most exciting and promising directors of his generation.

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