Bashir Mammon Mraish

Bashir Mammon Mraish



Bashir Mammon Mraish is a Syrian actor and director best known for his roles in Syria’s most successful television series, Bab al-Hara. Born in Aleppo on July 4, 1983, Bashir is the youngest of three siblings.

Bashir started his acting career at the age of five in a movie called “The Little Prince”. He then went on to appear in several Syrian dramas and commercials. He rose to fame when he became the lead actor in Bab al-Hara, a Syrian television series that followed the lives of the people in the Old City of Damascus during the 1930s. The show was a huge success, and Bashir became a household name.

In addition to acting, Bashir also directed several television series such as The Road to Damascus and The Long Walk. He has also acted in several feature films, such as The Night Watchman and The Last Supper.

Bashir is an advocate for Syrian culture and heritage, and is actively involved in charity work. He is a supporter of the Syrian National Council and has spoken out against the Assad regime.

In 2013, Bashir was awarded the Syrian Order of Merit for his contributions to Syrian television and cinema. He is also a member of the International Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Bashir is married to actress Rania Othman, with whom he has two children. He currently resides in Damascus, Syria, where he is still actively involved in Syrian television and film.

Bashir Mammon Mraish is a highly respected actor and director in his native Syria. His work has been recognized internationally and has helped to bring Syrian culture to the world. He continues to inspire and entertain audiences with his talent and dedication to Syrian culture and heritage.

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