Arya Rothe

Arya Rothe



Arya Rothe is an Indian filmmaker and director best known for his powerful, emotive films exploring the complexities of the human condition. He has won numerous awards for his work, which has been shown at festivals all over the world.

Arya was born and raised in Chennai, India, to a middle-class family. He was always passionate about art and found himself drawn to the moving images of films. As a child, he was inspired by the powerful stories of filmmakers such as Satyajit Ray and Stanley Kubrick.

Arya went on to pursue a degree in film studies from the University of Madras, graduating in 1995. After college, he began working as an assistant director in the Tamil film industry, learning the craft of filmmaking from some of the most respected directors of the time.

In 2006, Arya made his debut film, ‘Rangam: A Journey Through Life’, which went on to become a critically acclaimed success. It was nominated for seven awards at the National Film Awards and won four.

Since then, Arya has gone on to direct several powerful films that explore the nuances of the human experience. He has won numerous awards, including the National Award for Best Feature Film in 2009 for his film ‘Kaalai’. His films have been screened at international film festivals including the Cannes Film Festival.

Arya has been praised for his unique style of filmmaking, which blends traditional Indian storytelling with a modern sensibility. He is passionate about exploring and highlighting the complexities of human emotions in his work.

Arya is currently working on a new film, which is set to be released in 2021. He continues to strive to make meaningful films that resonate with audiences around the world.

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