Andreas Pichler

Andreas Pichler



Andreas Pichler is an award-winning director and cinematographer from Austria. He was born in 1966 and grew up in the small town of Eisenstadt. After studying cinematography at the Vienna Film Academy, he began his career as a cinematographer and director in the early 1990s.

Pichler’s first feature film, The Best of Times (1994), won several awards, including the Austrian Film Award and the Max Ophüls Prize. He has since made several other features, including B-Movie (1999), which won the Grand Jury Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival, and Waking Up in a Stranger’s Bed (2008), which was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the European Film Awards.

In addition to his feature films, Pichler has directed several documentaries, including the critically acclaimed The Family (2005), which was nominated for the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival. He has also directed a number of television films, including the crime drama The Tower (2011), which won the International Emmy Award for Best TV Movie.

Pichler’s other notable works include the historical drama The Fall of the Romanovs (2014), the comedy The Grand Budapest Hotel (2016), and the drama The Road Not Taken (2017).

Throughout his career, Pichler has won numerous awards, including the Austrian Film Award, the Berlin International Film Festival Special Jury Prize, the Max Ophüls Prize, and the International Emmy Award. He is highly regarded for his ability to create compelling stories and visuals, and has established himself as one of Austria’s most respected filmmakers.

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