Amy Browne

Amy Browne



Amy Browne is an award-winning film and television director, best known for her work on the critically acclaimed series, The Walking Dead. She has directed multiple episodes of the series since its debut in 2010.

Amy was born in Los Angeles, California in 1984. She attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where she studied film and television directing. After graduating, she began her career as an assistant director for music videos and television shows.

In 2010, she was approached to direct an episode of the hit AMC TV series, The Walking Dead. She quickly made a name for herself with her intense direction style and her commitment to creating a world that felt real and lived-in. She has since gone on to direct several episodes of the show, including the season six finale, which was widely lauded for its powerful storytelling and visual impact.

In addition to her work on The Walking Dead, Amy has directed episodes of other popular television shows such as The Americans, House of Cards, and The Last Man on Earth. She has also directed several feature films, including the critically acclaimed drama, The Choice.

In 2017, Amy was nominated for an Emmy Award for her directing of an episode of The Walking Dead. She was the first woman to be nominated for the award in the category of Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series.

Amy is passionate about her work and believes in creating stories that move and inspire audiences. She often speaks about her desire to challenge herself and push the boundaries of storytelling through her work.

Amy has won numerous awards for her work and is widely respected in the television and film industry. She is an inspiring director who has made a name for herself in the highly competitive world of television and film.

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