Allison A. Waite

Allison A. Waite



Allison A. Waite is an Emmy-nominated director, producer, editor, and writer who has worked on a number of TV shows, movies, and commercials. She has helmed projects for the likes of ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, MTV, and Comedy Central, and her work has been seen on HBO, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

Waite was born in New York and grew up in Scarsdale, NY. She graduated from the prestigious Scarsdale High School, before attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She graduated with a degree in Communications and Media, and immediately upon graduation, Waite began her career in the entertainment industry.

Waite started as a production assistant on various projects, before beginning to work as an editor on shows such as the NBC series “Ed.” She quickly moved up the ranks, and began to direct episodes for several series, including “Life As We Know It,” “Love Monkey,” “Dirt,” and “My Boys.” Waite has also directed commercials for several high-profile brands, including Nike, Target, and Burger King.

In 2011, Waite was nominated for an Emmy Award for her direction of a television movie called “The Wronged Man.” The movie was about a man wrongfully convicted of murder and the struggle he faced in trying to prove his innocence. Waite’s direction was praised by many critics, and she was nominated for an Emmy for her work.

Since then, Waite has continued to work on several television shows and movies. She directed the pilot episode of the hit show “Empire,” and has also helmed episodes of “The Ranch,” “The Good Place,” “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “The Magicians,” and “The L Word: Generation Q.”

Allison A. Waite is an incredibly talented director, editor, and producer. Her work has been seen all over the world, and she has been nominated for an Emmy Award for her work. Waite continues to work on several projects, and her work is sure to continue to impress for many years to come.

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