Zauria(k). Madness, Body, Feminisms

  • 9.5 10
  • 2020
  • 93min
Zauria(k). Madness, Body, Feminisms
  • Original Title: Zauria(k) Locura· Cuerpo · Feminismos

Nine women recount their experiences in managing their mental health and madness. The documentary delves into how these disorders are lived from femininity in its contemporary notion.

Zauria(k). Madness, Body, Feminisms

AWARDS: Best Documentary. ZINE MALDIA .CAT

Zauria(k). Madness, Body, Feminisms

Among the women interviewed is Asuntas, mother and twitterer. She tells her story in first person, as a survivor of a journey through psychiatric institutions, diagnosed and organized in mental health collectives in first person.

Iris, from her perspective of feminine Trans, expresses her experiences about the transit of gender and her own relationship with psychiatric institutions.

On the other hand, Itxaso Martín brings an anthropological perspective to the documentary, based on her research on how patriarchy and the construction of traditional femininity have influenced madness generation after generation.

Production Companies

Maier Irigoien Ulaiar

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