Witkin & Witkin

  • 10 10
  • 2017
  • 96min

Identical twins, celebrated photographer Joel-Peter and painter Jerome, diverge in art and life, with their shared history and contrasting worlds.

Witkin & Witkin - Twins, Artistry, Transformation, Perception

This captivating film offers a profound exploration into the lives of Joel-Peter and Jerome Witkin, identical twins who, despite their shared genetics, have pursued distinct artistic careers. Joel-Peter's acclaim as a photographer contrasts with Jerome's dedication as a painter and educator. More than just an exploration of their artistry, the documentary dives deep into their personal relationships, philosophies, and the very essence of their creative practices. The women in their lives are integral to their story, who provide an insightful gateway into their contrasting worlds. Set against the diverse backdrops of Syracuse and Albuquerque, the film showcases the twins' divergent realities. Spanning over four years, "Witkin & Witkin" charts their artistic journey and captures the inevitable transformation and diverging narratives wrought by time.

Trisha Ziff
Trisha Ziff Director

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