Why We fight : Prelude to War

  • 8.5 10
  • 1942
  • 51min
Why We fight : Prelude to War
  • Original Title: Why We fight : Prelude to War

This is the first episode of the epic saga commissioned by the United States government during World War II, directed by the renowned director Frank Capra, who won the Oscar for this legendary 8-part series.

Why We fight : Prelude to War

AWARDS: Best Documentary. Oscar/ Best Documentary. National Board of Review/ Special Award. New York Film Critics Circle Awards

Why We Fight, Prelude To War. A WWII Oscar-winning Saga

Prelude to War, a famous propaganda film, was the U.S. Department of War's first installment in their Why We Fight series, a group of seven documentaries used to boost morale and encourage civilian support. 

This film contrasts the dictatorships of Germany, Italy, and Japan between WWI and WWII with American ideals in an effort to turn the tide of anti-militarism in the U.S.

All the episodes of the Why We Fight series:

Why We Fight : Prelude to War
Why We Fight: The Nazis Strike
Why We Fight: Divide and Conquer
Why We Fight: The Battle of Britain
Why We Fight: The Battle of Russia (Part One)
Why We Fight: The Battle Of Russia (Part Two)
Why We Fight: The Battle of China
Why We Fight: War Comes to America

Frank Capra
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