Well Done

  • 9 10
  • 1994
  • 73min

How dominated are we by computers and big data? This observational documentary dissects the day-to-day life of a financial community in the 1990s to understand how computing impacts human beings.


OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Locarno International Film Festival/ BAFICI

Well Done. Computer alienation

The documentary shows several months inside a huge computer center working for the Zurich financial community, observing it from the inside, compiling and classifying 60 hours of material, and then editing it into fragments without much apparent relation - and without the slightest commentary - 

Through frenetic editing, cutting and slicing until the whole system is pulverized, Swiss filmmaker Thomas Imbach highlights the stress, alienation and materialism to which the modern world of the almighty computer exposes us. 

Thomas Imbach
Thomas Imbach Director

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