Walter Pfeiffer Chasing Beauty

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  • 2017
  • 88min
Walter Pfeiffer Chasing Beauty
  • Original Title: Walter Pfeiffer: Chasing Beauty (2017)

Discover the life and work of Walter Pfeiffer, a Swiss photographer who at his 70 years of age is still at the forefront of artistic and fashion photography after a long career in an incessant search for beauty.

Walter Pfeiffer Chasing Beauty

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Solothurn Film Festival

"Walter Pfeiffer Chasing Beauty" The veteran photographer of youth.

At the age of 70, artist and fashion photographer Walter Pfeiffer has reached the height of his career. In this film speaks about his life and work with delightful wit and charming ease. We observe him working with both supermodels and nobodies, as well as drawing in nature, and we witness how real-life situations turn into images with the unmistakable Pfeiffer touch.

The dynamic, and sometimes tense relation of art and fashion which Pfeiffer masterfully plays with, is reflected upon by his associates from both fields. Models from four decades talk about their work with Pfeiffer, what made them model for him in the first place, and what his images mean to them today.

Incidentally, we also get an overview of youth cultures in past four decades. The film is carried by Pfeiffer's subtle humour, his down-to-earth attitude and authenticity.

Production Companies

Schumacher & Frey GmbH

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