Vue Pointe

  • 8.5 10
  • 2014
  • 10min
Vue Pointe
  • Original Title: Vue Pointe (2014)

Through the texture of a 16mm camera, this short film makes a contemplative approach to a mystical island.

Vue Pointe
  • Country: Germany
  • Original Title: Vue Pointe (2014)

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: OpenEyes FilmFest/ International Student Film Festival/ International Short Film Festival Hamburg

Vue Pointe. The contemplation of a mystical island

The biography of a place: a deserted island. A past kingdom. Everything is changing. In a close observation the island tells her own story over which a veil of uninhabitability has laid years ago. What's happened here and when?

Arne Körner
Arne Körner Director

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Arne Körner

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