Victor´s Body

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  • 2020
  • 14min
Victor´s Body
  • Original Title: O que Pode um Corpo?

In less than fifteen minutes, Victor conducts a cinematic experiment to investigate the nature of his body. To others, it is the body of a disabled person. Perhaps to him it is an indomitable organ.

Victor´s Body

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: São Paulo International Short Film Festival. LGBT Gold Butterfly Trophy/ São Paulo International Short Film Festival. Public Prize/ Festival de Gramado. Special Juri Award/ FestCurtasBH – Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival. Best Film-Public Prize/ Mix Brasil Festival of Cultural Diversity. Best Direction/ Mix Brasil Festival of Cultural Diversity. "SescTv" Short Film Award/ Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival. "Canal Brasil" Short Film Award/ CINEPE. Best Short Film, Best Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Soundtrack/ Festival de Cinema de Vitória. Best Film Public Prize/ Festival Santa Cruz de Cinema. Best Direction/ Festival For Rainbow. Best Documentary Short/ Curta Brasília. Best Film/ Festival Primeiro Plano. Best Cinematography / Festival Pajubá. Special Juri Award/ Cine Esquema Novo

Victor's Body. An experiment on the control of our anatomy

Part performance, part experimental short film, this fascinating film is a dissection of the body of a "disabled person" from a vision that does not admit labels.

Directors Victor Di Marco and Márcio Picoli use a series of heterogeneous cinematographic resources, such as theatrical performance, make-up and optical effects. 

The idea is to communicate a sense of impotence and at the same time of pure power, the power of the very existence we inhabit in our trunks and limbs.

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