Vaclav Havel - Living in Freedom

  • 7 10
  • 2014
  • 71min
Vaclav Havel - Living in Freedom
  • Original Title: Život podle Václava Havla

Vaclav Havel is the father of modern democracy in the post-Soviet Czech Republic. This biographical documentary offers never-before-seen footage of the life in and out of power of this prominent politician.

Vaclav Havel - Living in Freedom

Vaclav Havel, A Life In Freedom. A must-see political biopic

The documentary mapping the life of one of the most famous Czechs is portrait of a man whose life was rich in paradoxes. He consciously made it a drama full of contrasts and always followed his conscience. 

The film is designed to not only attract foreign audiences, but thanks to the unique personality of Václav Havel in the context of a complex historical period to also approach the younger generation of Czech viewers.

Production Companies

Negativ Film Productions

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