Unfinished Progress

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  • 2017
  • 105min
Unfinished Progress
  • Original Title: Unfinished Progress

In the midst of a city that never stops building buildings, a man leaves his country life behind and decides to run in a local election with the idea of stopping what he believes to be a predatory notion of progress.

Unfinished Progress

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Beijing Indie Film Festival/ Social Justice Film Festival/ Taipei Film Festival/ South Taiwan Film Festival

Unfinished Progress. A man against construction cranes in Taiwan

Construction cranes make the fantasy of progress more alluring in the city. And that is what Chung-Ming Wang steps forward to fight. After leaving his stable life behind, he devoted himself into local environmentalism in his hometown Tamsui(Danshui), tried to keep it distant from developmentalism that Taipei had been suffered for long. 

This documentary film depicts his third attempt to run in the City Council Election in 2014, including the difficulties and conflicts he encounters and the diverse imaginations toward progress. The film also tries to bring up an important question: do we need more buildings in our city, or we need to find a way to edify ourselves?

Chienyung Lin
Chienyung Lin Director

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